social media. is what we love.

"Hey Friends! Your favorite agency is back again. Today we have something very special for you! And if you now write your favorite emoji down in the comments, you'll get 20% off with "hippe20". Isn’t that what Social Media works like? We can say: no, not quite so.

After the Internet was still new territory for all of us barely more than 20 years ago, and we felt like we were still in a feverish panic even yesterday when we accidentally hit the Internet button on our push-button cell phones with our fingers, today we are nothing less than permanently online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, YouTube and so on entertain us throughout the day with various content geared to our personal interests. The algorithm now knows us better than our best friend. So the idea of using these areas for a certain content it's not taken out of the blue. 

In addition to an appealing website, a clean and professional appearance in terms of digital communication on the platform Instagram is mandatory in this day and age. We, the hippe agentur, as a hip agency, we make it our business to create a customized social media concept that fits best to your brand and your company. A dynamic, constantly evolving social presence keeps you and your project always up to date. And by a concept designed from us, you can use the reach within social media for yourself with a few tricks.

If you want to convince yourself of our social media competence, then like, subscribe and contact us for a chat. Unfortunately, we still don't have a discount code.

(We'd still be interested in your favorite emoji tho).