e-commerce. is what we can.

Ding-dong. Well, who's ringing the doorbell? „FedEx package, I'll put it downstairs!" echoes through the hallway. A package? For me? When should I have ordered it? While I fetch the parcel up to the fourth floor in the early morning with heavy legs, and the sheer size of it including the unknown sender gives no indication of what it might be about for the time being, it slowly dawns in the back of the cerebellum: "Oh shit, did I really get.... the night before?" And while I open the package in the kitchen, the white letters on a green background are already beaming at me: "AGI by Athletic Greens". So it really is true: while I was looking for the way back to the land of dreams in the middle of the night thanks to insomnia, I took one or two wrong turns on the Internet and made this certain purchase (to improve my life, of course).

Everyone on our team has experienced it like this or something similar. And we bet you have a story like this up in your sleeve, too. Does that automatically make us e-commerce experts? Absolutely not! But does it harm our expertise? Not at all! Why we're so good at what we do is because we actually care about all that stuff! How does branding work? Why do I buy this and not that? Which colors can I use to create which emotion? And how would the DAU (Dumbest Assumable User) cope in this online store?

The hippe agentur has understood that e-commerce is not only the stupid construction of an online shop (which is already difficult enough when implemented correctly). All of our services, from photography to online marketing, merge together to target your customers in the right places on the so-called "Internet" and convince them of your product. If you then understand which user experience comes to wear in which online store on which device... then you’ve got the whole package!

Doesn't exist? Yes, there is, at Roller. And the hippe agentur. I swear!