communication design. is what we create.

"Show me that you communicate without showing me that you communicate."

Sounds kind of complicated, doesn't it? It certainly is. At least if you don't know how to do it right. Many small factors join hands in this subject matter, even going so far as to make one's psychic receptivity so much of an issue that one could almost hold a candle to Sigmund Freud. Okay, we're not going to get deep into the physiological and psychological anatomy of humans right now. We just wanted to mention Sigmund Freud.

Design is many things. Design is everywhere. Even where it supposedly isn't. Quotes like "courage to use white space" and "think outside the box" have long since ceased to be a foreign language for communication designers. Proper communication design is not just about creating beautiful layouts and templates, it is much more about subtly conveying messages using good graphic design.

From a corporate identity for your brand, which perfectly describes you and your project only by its pure appearance, to a thematically tailored and pointed website and the design of print and online media, to photographic implementation of projects, we at hippe agentur are your contact in terms of visual communication.

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