online marketing. is what we do.

Whether it's Narnia, Peter Pan's Neverland or Google results page 2 - only very selected people get lost here. Or did you ever landed on Google's page 2 (we won't even talk about page 3 ff.)? You see, neither did we! So except maybe for very specific research around the topic "Why is the fruit orange actually pronounced differently than the color orange?"

But we're getting off topic...

Online marketing pursues one goal and one goal only: Attention! The problem with attention is that we all have a limited repertoire of it. And with a daily supply of oh-so-important products growing and growing and growing, we also have to divide that repertoire extremely. By now, we are all so practiced in (un)consciously perceiving advertising that we decide in less than 1.7 seconds whether we "like" an ad or not. The hippe agentur has made its main goal to perfect these 1.7 seconds for you and your company so that no customers could even think of scrolling past them.

Besides the organic optimization of your website and/or store through professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we are happy to be your partner in crime for the creation of individually tailored to you and your product ads on Instagram, advertising and Google (SEA)

Convince yourself of our skills and let's talk.