photo-/videography. is what we do.

"Sorry, I don't have a photo for you today" is something you won’t hear from us. We are not Heidi Klum, but with extraordinary experience in the field of dynamic photography and videography, we as the hippe agentur, attach great importance to giving your project the right vibrant touch.

Yes, communication is key. But as we often say: One picture says more than a thousand words.

That's why we, as the hippe agentur, have made it our business to design the appropriate visual representation of a project. Stock photos are all well and good, everything has its charm, but it is much nicer to be able to offer your own and authentic visual content. From food, product and people photography to spatial visualizations and atmospheric videography for various social and website presences, we develop an image and video concept tailored to your needs.

Okay, we may not be able to crown you Germany's Next Topmodel and you won't get a modeling contract from us, but we may still be able to make you and your project the next shooting star. And all that without annoying watermarks on the pictures.

Feel free to contact us and convince yourself of our shooting skills.

*camera sound clicking*