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hipp greens.

*puts down spinach-celery-kiwi smoothie*

"Did you know that the internet consumes more CO² than all of Germany? Amazing, isn't it? As the hip agency that we are, we want to reduce the ecological footprint together with you.

It may be hard to believe, but while clicking around looking for the filmography of Ryan Reynolds, a video showing how to make the perfect mousse au chocolat or even the best agency in the world, we leave behind traces in energy consumption for cooling, computing power or power supply for God knows how many servers.

Since we see ourselves in the obligation to counteract the whole thing, at least in small steps, we recently deal with the so-called green coding. No, don't worry, your website won't be dipped into a toxic green shell (unless it's the explicit wish.) It's more about the efficient programming of a website to design and implement it as climate neutral as possible.

We place special emphasis on the following points:

• sustainable use of design and content

• efficient SEO texts

• valuable user experience

• optimized images and graphics

A "climate-neutral website? What do I expect by that?", you're probably asking yourself. We'll be happy to give you more detailed advice on this when you slide in our DM's. And if you activate our darkmode now, you will instantly save energy. You can see for yourself where this is going, right? ;)